Tell us where you want us to come next and what you plan on running for!

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christie jacobs

May 10, 2015at 11:19 pm

Come to Nashville!! I run for my grandma who passed away from cancer and my kids to show them you can do anything you put your mind to know matter what your age..


May 11, 2015at 2:53 am

Come to Minnesota!!! I, and so many more, would absolutely love to run for stroke and Huntington’s awareness!

Valery Denby

May 12, 2015at 7:20 pm

Come south some, Kankakee county. Perry Farm, KCC, or other places.


May 19, 2015at 11:14 pm

Come to Madison, Milwaukee and/or Pleasant Prairie WI. I lost my veteran brother to a battle with PTSD and would love to run to raise awareness for this disorder with Team RWB, Wounded Warriors and Mission 22. Let’s take care of our veterans!!!!

Michelle stumpp

May 21, 2015at 2:03 am

Please come to Los Angeles so we can run for a farm animal sanctuary called Buster’s Barn!


May 21, 2015at 1:42 pm

I run for those who can’t……I run for those who are battling a storm and need someone on their side……I run to help those who have a need….


May 23, 2015at 11:40 am

Come to Baltimore. We will all run for those who can’t and to show that we can all come together as a community and help others in there time of need..


May 23, 2015at 11:51 am

Come to Sioux Falls, SD! We run for the warriors currently serving our country, those who did serve, the wounded and those who we lost. We honor them, their families and their memory.

Annise Mabry

May 28, 2015at 9:51 pm

Come to Atlanta GA! I run for #AdolescentMentalIllness #CIDP #MS #Lupus #PTSD #ChildhoodCancer #IRun4ThoseWhoCant #IRun4MySecondChanceAtLife #IRun

carmen brooks

June 3, 2015at 1:32 am

Please come to Indianapolis and run for recovery. We have a drug epidemic and need detox centers and recovery houses. People are dying.innocent children have and babies are being damaged


June 8, 2015at 1:52 am

Come to Charleston, SC! I run for myself, to better my health, and to better my time. In running for myself, I run for my my wife and my kids.

Sandra Gloss

July 7, 2015at 1:16 am

Come to Indianapolis and run for Riley Children’s Hospital.

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